Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Mastagni Holstedt, A.P.C. Will Remain Open to Represent Our Public Safety Clients Throughtout the COVID-19 Response

Mastagni Holstedt, A.P.C. is privileged to represent first responders throughout California.  Our entire firm will remain open to assist and represent our clients throughout the response to COVID-19.  We are committed to providing essential services and representation to those we rely upon to protect us.

In addition to responding to critical incidents and administrative investigations, our firm is ready to respond to the unique labor issues confronting public safety employees and their unions with respect to COVID-19.  Potential and actual exposure to the COVID-19 are heightened concerns for first responders.  COVID-19 raises a multitude of labor issues and representational needs, many of which trigger meet and confer obligations.  These issues include:

  • Consideration of  COVID-19 as a presumptive work-related injury
  • Provision of 4850 benefits for all employees who contract COVID-19
  • Accommodations for employees in high risk groups
  • Allowance of telecommuting for employees who can work from home
  • Allowance of employees to utilize accrued leaves if they wish to self isolate
  • The right to be placed on paid administrative leave if ordered home or quarantined after an exposure, until confirmed to have contracted COVID-19 or is cleared to return to work by a medical professional.
  • Accommodations (hotel, browned out station, etc.) at the agency's expense if quarantined
  • Meeting and conferring over a variety of additional working condition issues (e.g., workplace safety, testing, schedule changes, contacts with the public, etc.) 

Our firm is proud to provide these essential services to our clients who place themselves at risk for the public's safety during these difficult times.