Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Assemblymember Jim Cooper Stands Up For Law Enforcement

California Assemblymember Jim Cooper is standing up for law enforcement statewide.  Cooper, a retired Sacramento Sheriff's Department Captain, has taken the lead educating his colleagues in the Legislature about officer-involved shootings, how law enforcement departments respond to and investigate critical incidents, limits of body cameras, how much training is already required of law enforcement, and the role of socio-economic issues law enforcement did not create and cannot solve alone.  Cooper's stand comes as another assemblymember has introduced a bill requiring the Department of Justice to review every officer-involved shooting in California.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Mastagni Holstedt Attorney Jeff Edwards, Local 522 District Director Steve Loza Interviewed About Union Logo Win

On January 6, 2015, the Labor Relations Information System posted a podcast interview about the Sacramento Area Fire Fighters, IAFF Local 522's win in County of Sacramento (2014) PERB Decision No. 2393-M.  LRIS attorney Will Aitchison interviewed Mastagni Holstedt attorney Jeff Edwards and Local 522 District Director Steve Loza about the case.  

County of Sacramento vindicates the right of public safety professionals to wear union insignia on duty.  First, the ruling means public safety professionals, such as firefighters and peace officers who were a uniform, have the right to wear union insignia on their uniform on duty. Second, firmly established that the right to wear union insignia cannot be limited to pins, but includes other apparel such as T-shirts, caps, and clothing.