Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Labor-Backed Pension Reform Wins, Adachi Initiative Fails in San Francisco

On Tuesday, San Franciscans considered two voter initiatives about public employees' pensions: Measure C, backed by local labor unions, and Measure D, the so-called Adachi Initiative.  Measure C passed with 68% of the vote and Measure D failed, attracting only 33%.

Measure C requires employees to pay a small portion of their salaries to offset healthcare costs and requires most employees pay 7.5% of their salaries to the pension system until the system's investments recover from the recession.  Measure C was endorsed by labor, including the San Francisco Police Officers Association and San Francisco Fire Fighters, IAFF Local 798.

San Francisco's Public Defender, Jeff Adachi, spearheaded Measure D, which would have taken even more away from San Francisco's public employees and targeted public safety professionals in particular.  Measure D would have required most employees pay at least 7.5% and police and fire 10% of their salaries even after the pension system recovers.  It would also have reduced pension benefits.  Adachi's previous attempt to slash pension failed in 2010.