Thursday, November 9, 2017

New Bill Expected to Provide Peace Officers with Increased Coverage for Injuries

The tragic mass shooting in Las Vegas has affected lives across the country.  This includes over 200 California peace officers who were attending the concert.  Recently, four Orange County deputies filed workers’ comp claims after suffering injuries during the shooting.  According to Orange County officials, peace officers are entitled to benefits if injured while protecting life or property, regardless of whether on or off duty.  However, the benefits require the injury to have occurred while in the State of California.  Orange County denied the deputies’ claims because the injuries occurred in Nevada.

Tom Daley (D-Anaheim) and the Orange County deputies believe Orange County officials are not applying the law correctly, and argue the claims should be covered.  In order to prevent any further denials of claims, Assemblyman Daley is preparing legislation that would erase any ambiguity in the law.  His bill will guarantee coverage to police officers injured while protecting life or property, regardless of where the injury occurred. 

The bill is expected to be introduced in early 2018.  If the bill is successful police officers would receive the benefits of workers’ comp for injuries from engaging in the apprehension of law violators, protecting life or property, or preserving the peace.  Whether the injury occurred outside the State of California will no longer be cause to deny a claim.