Wednesday, November 23, 2016

LA Times Quotes David P. and David E. Mastagni on Supreme Court Pension Case

On November 22, 2016, the Los Angeles Times turned to David P. and David E. Mastagni for analysis about the pending California Supreme Court appeal in the MCERA pension case.  The LA Times asked about the Court's decision to consolidate the Marin and Alameda cases.

The Times wrote: "David P. Mastagni, who represents Alameda County deputy sheriffs in the pending case, said the Supreme Court’s decision to wait for a ruling “really to me signals they understand the gravity and significance of the issues.”

Given the complexity and importance of the dispute, he said, he was not surprised that the court of appeal has yet to schedule a hearing. The court is required to issue a decision within 90 days of a hearing.

David E. Mastagni, the elder lawyer’s son and law partner, said it was not uncommon for the California Supreme Court to postpone a decision until a lower court acts first in a similar case.

“It gives them a more complete record,” he said. “They want to have another fully developed factual background.”