Monday, January 18, 2016

Chuck Reed's Pension Attack Fails to Make the Ballot for a Third Time

Earlier today, former San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed admitted defeat for his third attempt to attack public employees' retirement security.  Accordingly to the Sacramento Bee, the move appears to be motivated by poor polling for the initiative and Reed's inability to raise enough money to pay people to gather signatures in support of the measure.

Reed's campaign for a statewide attack on retirement security follows his failed attempt to attack pensions in San Jose.  Despite his repeated failures of this issue, Reed said he and his partners planned to bring the issue up again in 2018.  He said in a press release that he planned to "re-file at least one of our pension reform measures later this year for the November 2018 ballot."

Reed is joined in his effort by Pacific Grove Mayor Bill Kampe and San Diego politician Carl DeMaio.  Pacific Grove's attack on pensions was ruled unconstitutional in 2013.