Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mastagni Law App Puts POBR and FFBOR on Your Mobile Device

Mastagni Law is rolling out the new Mastagni Law App.  The free app is available for Apple and Android devices.  The Mastagni Law App provides first responders and private citizens with helpful resources and emergency tools to assist with on-the-job injuries and life-changing events.  The app features easy-to-use resources on the Peace Officers' Bill of Rights and Firefighters' Bill of Rights.  Other features include:
  • Accident Log to record pertinent information at the scene of a vehicle accident
  • Ability to capture photos of accident scene and vehicle damage
  • Medical Log in the event you are injured, an automated calendar will keep track of your doctor appointments, dates and allows for notes on medical recommendations
  • 24-Hour access to call our attorneys to report a Critical Incident
  • Exposure Report to submit to our attorneys in the event you have been exposed to a potentially hazardous element
  • Helpful resources on Contract Negotiation