Thursday, August 30, 2012

Report: Stockton Losing Experienced Officers

KCRA News reports the City of Stockton is facing a new problems after filing for bankruptcy.  According the report, "experienced police officers are leaving in droves."  A big part of the problem is that the "new cuts in the bankruptcy, essentially eliminating Senior Officer Pay, are causing a flight of officers, the veteran officers that you want to keep: they know the streets, they know the crime," according to Mastagni Law partner David E. Mastagni.  The recent attention to the flight of officer comes after bond holders argued employees aren't paying their fair share in the bankruptcy.  However, "I think if anybody's not bearing their fair share, it's the bond market," Mastagni said. "The cops are the ones out there jumping fences and putting their lives on the line."  Watch the full report here.