Monday, July 9, 2012

Tom Sullivan Interviews David P. Mastagni on Why Cities Scapegoat Cops and Firefighters

Mastagni Law partner David P. Mastagni recently appeared on the Fox's Tom Sullivan Show to explain why California cities, including Stockton, are trying to scapegoat public safety professionals and violate their contractual obligations.  He explained that in light of what cities are doing with their contracts, "you dont have to be an Apache Indian or Geronimo to understand what the government thinks of its contractual obligations."

The real problem is that cities made "bad business judgments" by approaching infrastructure projects like it was "college lab class," investing other people's money in ventures they knew little about.  Now that cities are seeing red, they're blaming police officers and firefighters, but "blaming the police is nothing but a red hering." 

Watch the whole video here.