Tuesday, April 3, 2012

State Controller Launches Audit of City of Stockton

KCRA News and the Stockton Record report that State Controller John Chiang has launched a financial audit of the City of Stockton's financial records.  In a four-page letter dated April 2, 2012, Chiang announced he has discovered "several discrepancies" in the City's financial reports that "raise questions" about the reliability of the City's reports.

The audit comes on the heels of the Stockton POA's demand the City provide transparent evidence of its financial condition.  The Stockton Record reports, "Sacramento attorney David Mastagni, who represents the Stockton Police Officers Association, said he has argued over and over that the city doesn't have adequate financial figures in the union's ongoing litigation... "I think this is very helpful," he said. "Finally, some people outside the control of the city and its attorneys are taking a look into what's happening."