Thursday, March 22, 2012

Stockton POA Sues To Force City to Pay Out Unused Leave

The Stockton Police Officers Association went to court Wednesday to force the city to honor its duty to pay officers for unused sick and vacation time when an officer laterals to another department. 

According to the Stockton Record, the city suspended the cash payouts to departing employees even though police officers took their jobs with the understanding they were earning the cash payouts when their work was done.

"People are entitled to this," said attorney David E. Mastagni, who represents the police union. "Its already earned compensation."  Mastagni said city officials threaten bankruptcy as a bullying tactic anytime they do not get their way.  A ruling against Stockton would not be as damaging as the city contends, he said.

At the hearing the judge ordered the city to show cause by April 16, 2012 why the court should grant the POA's request for a temporary restraining order.  See more about the case here.