Friday, January 27, 2012

Fox News Profiles Stockton POA's "Bellwether" Victory On Contract Rights

Fox News Commentator Tom Sullivan recently interviewed Mastagni Law partner David P. Mastagni about the Stockton POA's victory over the City of Stockton in a closely-watched case with national implications. Watch the full clip below:

As Tom Sullivan explained, the case started after the City of Stockton "'declared a "fiscal emergency" thinking it would allow them to impose pay cuts on their city's finest." However, the POA fought back, filing suit to force the City to honor its contract with the POA. The Court recently rejected the City's claims, finding the Stockton POA "was within its right to refuse" to reopen its contract.

Mastagni Law attorneys David E. Mastagni, William M. Briggs, Isaac S. Stevens and B.J. Pierce represent the Stockton Police Officers' Association in the case.